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Oral health of 65-year olds in Sweden and Norway: A global question and ICF, the latest conceptual model from WHO


Ekbäck, G.; Astrom, A. N.; Klock, K.; Ordell, S.; Unell, L.


k. A.


Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 2012, Volume 70 (Number 4), Seite 279-288, London: Informa Healthcare, ISSN: 0001-6357 (Print); 1502-3850 (Online)





The aims of this study were to identify explanatory factors of satisfaction with oral health among Norwegian and Swedish 65 year olds in terms of items from four different domains of ICF and to compare the strengths of the various ICF domains in explaining satisfaction with oral health. Further it was to assess whether the explanatory factors of ICF domains vary between Norway and Sweden.

Materials and methods:

In 2007, standardized questionnaires were mailed to all the residents in certain counties of Sweden and Norway who were born in 1942. Response rates were 73.1 per cent (n equals 6078) in Sweden and 56.0 per cent (n equals 4062) in Norway.


In total, 33 questions based on four different ICF domains were chosen to explain satisfaction with oral health. Logistic regression showed that four different ICF domains in terms of body function, body structure, activity/participation and environmental factors explained, respectively, 53 per cent, 31 per cent, 12 per cent and 34 per cent of the explanatory variance in the satisfaction with oral health. In the final analysis, only nine items were statistically significant (p smaller 0.05).


This study indicates that ICF as a conceptual model could cover a broad spectrum of factors embedded in OHRQoL measured by a global question in Sweden and Norway. Nine items, representing four ICF domains, were important in the final model for explaining satisfaction with oral health.

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Acta Odontologica Scandinavica

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