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The Indianapolis Vocational Intervention Program: A cognitive behavioral approach to addressing rehabilitation issues in schizophrenia


Davis, Louanne W.; Lysaker, Paul H.; Lancaster, Rebecca S. [u. a.]


United States, Veterans Administration - Rehabilitation R & D Service


Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development - JRRD, 2005, Volume 42 (Number 1), Seite 35-46, Baltimore, Maryland: Eigenverlag, ISSN: 0748-7711 (Print); 1938-1352 (Online)




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Despite wishing to return to productive activity, many individuals with schizophrenia enter rehabilitation with severe doubts about their abilities. Negative beliefs in schizophrenia have been linked with poorer employment outcome.

Accordingly, in this paper, we describe efforts to synthesize vocational and cognitive behavior therapy interventions into a 6-month manualized program to assist persons with schizophrenia spectrum disorders overcome negative beliefs and meet vocational goals. This program, the Indianapolis Vocational Intervention Program (IVIP), includes weekly group and individual interventions and is intended as an adjunct to work therapy programs. The IVIP was initially developed over a year of working with 20 participants with Structured Clinical Interview for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-I (SCID-I) confirmed diagnoses of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder who were actively engaged in 20 hours a week of work activity.

For this paper, we explain the development of the treatment manual and the group and individual interventions and present case examples that illustrate how persons with severe mental illness might utilize the manualized intervention.

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Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development

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