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Assessing human-robotic performance for vocational placement


Schuyler, J. L.; Mahoney, R. M.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society


IEEE transactions on rehabilitation engineering, 2000, Volume 8 (Number 3), Seite 394-404, New York: Eigenverlag, ISSN: 1063-6528




This paper describes the results of an exploratory study of the use of standard occupational therapy assessment tests to measure the effective manipulation ability of individuals with disabilities using a robotic aid. Robotic manipulators have been explored for use as a vocational accommodation to support the job placement of individuals with severe manipulation disabilities.

One of the factors that has impeded the transfer of this work is the lack of practical information that is relevant to the vocational placement process. The preliminary performance data presented in this paper provides an indication of robot-assisted manipulation skill that rehabilitation professionals may use to better understand the potential for use of this technology in providing greater job opportunities for people with severe manipulation impairment.

Three different assessment tests were administered to nine different subjects with severe physical disabilities using a computer-controlled robotic workstation to perform the manipulation requirements of the tests. In all cases, the subjects, who were otherwise unable to physically perform the tasks without the robot, were able to perform manipulation tasks a factor of 20-700 times less than that of the performance indicated in published norms.

Although these performance levels are modest in terms of nondisabled populations, supporting data is also provided that suggests that individuals with severe manipulation deficits could have access to a much wider range of vocational opportunities with an appropriate implementation of robot technology.

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