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Making Life Easier: How new telecommunication services could benefit people with disabilities


Barrett, David; Ekberg, Jan; Furner, Stephen [u. a.]


Gill, John; COST


k. A.: Eigenverlag, 2005, 16 Seiten: DIN-A4, Broschur, ISBN: 1-86048-031-3




This publication has been designed to show how new types of telecommunication services could be designed in ways that would be of benefit to people with disabilities.

Most people already benefit from today's new telecommunications technology. Improvements in mobile communications, the internet and interactive mediums such as digital television have allowed most people access to more and better information and more instant, helpful services.

The question asked in this publication, is how can future telecommunications be designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities - and which services will be of particular benefit to specific groups? These groups will include people who are deaf, those with low vision, or elderly people who often have a combination of different impairments and may not consider themselves to be disabled. People and organisations that provide care should also consider how new telecommunication systems and services could help with their tasks.

If just some of these ideas become a reality there could be significant benefits for the wider population. People with disabilities could find it easier to work, people living alone or needing care could be less isolated, and those providing care could work more effectively.

To make this happen there must be sufficient interest and action from consumers, service providers and regulators. It is hoped that this publication will inspire and motivate those with influence.

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