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Developing ICF Core Sets for persons with sleep disorders based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health


Stucki, Armin; Cieza, Alarcos; Michel, Franz; Stucki, Gerold; Bentley, Alison; Culebras, A.; Tufik, S.; Kotchabhakdi, N.; Tachibana, N.; Üstün, Bedirhan; Partinen, Markku


k. A.


Sleep medicine, 2008, Volume 9 (Number 2), Seite 191-198, Amsterdam, New York: Elsevier, ISSN: 1389-9457 (Print); 1878-5506 (Online)





With the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), we can now rely on a globally agreed-upon framework and system for classifying the typical spectrum of problems in the functioning of persons given the environmental context in which they live. ICF Core Sets are subgroups of ICF items selected to capture those aspects of functioning that are most likely to be affected by sleep disorders.


The objective of this paper is to outline the developmental process for the ICF Core Sets for Sleep.


The ICF Core Sets for Sleep will be defined at an ICF Core Sets Consensus Conference, which will integrate evidence from preliminary studies, namely
(a) a systematic literature review regarding the outcomes used in clinical trials and observational studies,
(b) focus groups with people in different regions of the world who have sleep disorders,
(c) an expert survey with the involvement of international clinical experts, and
(d) a cross-sectional study of people with sleep disorders in different regions of the world.


The ICF Core Sets for Sleep are being designed with the goal of providing useful standards for research, clinical practice and teaching. It is hypothesized that the ICF Core Sets for Sleep will stimulate research that leads to an improved understanding of functioning, disability, and health in sleep medicine. It is of further hope that such research will lead to interventions and accommodations that improve the restoration and maintenance of functioning and minimize disability among people with sleep disorders throughout the world.

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